Aries Rising Sign – Aries Rising Meaning, Appearance, Man and Woman

Since Aries rules the brain, Aries Rising usually has distinctive facial features such as birthmarks and scars. They are also often considered to have a “baby face”, making them appear younger than they actually are. Aries Rising usually has a sharp nose, a bright smile, and curious eyes. Sometimes their hair is red or pink in color due to their fiery nature. Aries Rising is also known for having broad shoulders and slim hips on a muscular frame. Even if they don’t exercise, they often look agile or have an athletic figure. Because Aries Rising can be risk-taking or a little accident-prone, it will usually have some interesting marks from various injuries on their bodies.

People born in Aries Rising are firm and straightforward. A streak of spontaneity marks his actions. They act first and think later. They trust their intuition and follow their heart to go for what they want without worrying about the consequences. They sometimes neither think with their mind nor behave intelligently. They give preference to heart more than mind. They are impulsive but not constantly aggressive every time because we are talking about only the purest form of ascendant without the influence of the Sun or Mars, the ruling planet of Aries. However, they can become aggressive in many circumstances.

Aries Rising Meaning

Aries Rising are known for their athletic physique, baby-like faces, square jaw, and distinctive facial features. Their hair may turn red and their skin may appear red. Aries rising sign is also somewhat accident-prone so they may have scars or visible injuries. For the longest time, people thought their zodiac signs defined them. Although part of this was true, many people never found complete harmony with their zodiac sign. As strange as it sounds, they were right. There are moon signs and rising signs that complement the zodiac sign as well as a person’s personality.

A person with Aries Rising is usually strong, with a strong body. These men have an athletic physique and a distinctive prominent chin. She has an absolutely beautiful tan. The scars on his body give him the appearance of a warrior, similar to Mars, the god of war! The height of an Aries woman is usually average to medium. These courageous women are blessed with beautiful brown curls, perfectly arched eyebrows, and olive-blonde complexion.

Aries Rising Appearance

The features of Aries Rising people are strong and angular, with a prominent chin, nose, and mouth. They are athletic, of average height and body build, have curly hair, raised eyebrows, dark complexion, virility in men, and dynamic in women. There is a feeling of bravery and toughness in the entire body. Their hair is usually brown or dark curly. They often have a scar or injury on their head. Most of them have bulging veins and marks from wounds on their bodies.

Aries Rising Personality

According to Personalized Predictions, Aries Rising people have a lot of strength and energy and are always ready to take the initiative. The biggest feature of his personality is his frankness. They are natural leaders; They do not like to take orders from others because they are their own boss. Their attractiveness is due to their unpredictability: this trait sometimes leads to behavior that is at the same time aggressive and weak and extremely temperamental but on the contrary, they can be easily persuaded or pleased.

Aries Rising people are straightforward in speaking and are often very frank and non-diplomatic; That’s why they easily get into sharp statements or arguments. They are stubborn and their sudden outbursts of anger often take people by surprise, but they can easily make them angry by persuading them. Their rashness sometimes lands them in serious trouble. They are not very fond of water and they appreciate aesthetic art and beauty. Most of them like to relax, but only after reaching a predetermined goal. People born under this zodiac sign are intelligent and loving but sometimes emotional.

Aries Rising Woman

Aries Rising Woman are very straightforward and clear in their thoughts. They can be jealous and insecure at times. They don’t know any diplomatic way to handle things or communicate. Usually very cheerful but sometimes becomes very angry and stubborn.

Aries Rising Man

Aries Rising Man are very hardworking and courageous souls. These people can be very emotional and possessive in love. They can be very ambitious and obsessive about what they want in life and sometimes this attitude can become dangerous or a hindrance for them.

Aries Rising Health

Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, represents vitality and strength, which causes quick actions and quick decisions. Such people can be extremely optimistic and impulsive while making any decision. He likes challenges and has a fighting spirit. They do not like defeat and are unable to accept it. They are strong-willed; Nothing can pull them down. These are people who always want to be ahead of others.

According to Health Predictions, people with Aries Rising often suffer from headaches, especially migraines, sunstroke, neuralgia, and depressive illness. They are also prone to medical conditions like indigestion and nervous disorders and their impetuousness, and physical devotion makes them liable to accidents and physical injuries, sometimes even making them prone to serious complaints like piles. Many Aries are born with a birthmark on their head or face. People born under Aries are prone to circulatory problems like high blood pressure etc.

Aries Rising Compatibility

People with Aries in the first house are generally lucky in love, but most things depend on the position of Venus in their horoscope or natal chart. If Venus is in a positive position in the horoscope then they enjoy a prosperous married life. Leo and Sagittarius rising can become good romantic partners for Aries people. Other possible combinations are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

These people are born with a warrior’s soul. They do not back down even in difficult situations. They are always the first ones to sign up for challenging situations that others around them are afraid of. Being the first among all other rising signs, they are born to lead. What makes them exceptional leaders is that they protect their team and never hold others responsible for their actions.

It all depends upon the placement and condition of Venus in their birth chart. Venus shares a neutral relationship with Mars (the Rising lord of Aries Rising). If it is strong and positively placed in the birth chart, it makes the native extremely lucky in love matters. Aries Rising (both man and woman) are passionate lovers. They enjoy satisfying their partners in bed.

Auspicious planet for Aries Rising

Sun (Lord of the 5th house), Moon (Lord of the 4th house), and Jupiter (Lord of the 9th house) are considered to be the most auspicious planets for Aries.

Inauspicious planet for Aries Rising

For Aries Rising, Mercury (Lord of 3rd and 6th house) is unfavorable for Aries people. Weak Mercury in the horoscope may cause difficulty to the native in maintaining good and healthy relations with his/her siblings, colleagues, or friends.

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