Pisces Sign – Pisces Rising Meaning, Appearance, Man and Woman

As a Pisces Rising, you appear to the world as a gentle, sweet, wise, intelligent, romantic, wanderer, lover of solitude, and sensitive person who is a dreamer, nature lover, artist, or writer. People with Pisces Rising are shy, sensitive, and kind people. They are imaginative, mysterious daydreamers but they lack a bit of self-confidence. You like to do things your own way and pay little attention to the advice of others. They are very flexible and adaptable but can also be stubborn at times. You are conscious and pay a lot of attention to your social image. You have strong intuitive powers and can be a very secretive person. Pisces are naive and adaptable, often blessed with many creative and artistic talents. Your love for cozy creative outlets includes knitting, cooking, decorating, etc.

They often set unrealistic or dreamy goals and lack decision-making skills. It may take you a lot of time to think or prioritize something. There will be difficulties in setting goals in life. You cannot stick to one particular aim or goal in life. Your decisions, priorities, hobbies, and likes keep changing from time to time. However, you may excel in sports and entertainment. You don’t hurt anyone with your choices. But you have a beautiful way of communicating with people and your ability to convince is good. You can be an excellent diplomat. You are shy and elusive in group settings. When you are comfortable with yourself you are at your best imagination. You sometimes stay away from social pleasures and outings. You like to travel but mainly alone. You may travel to distant places and settle in foreign lands. 

Pisces Rising Meaning

Pisces Rising people usually have a dreamy expression on their faces. His dreamy eyes usually gaze into the distance, lost in his colorful imagination. Pisces are also known for their soft, childlike hair, sensual lips, and big eyes that have seen a lot. Pisces people are always old souls and they look as if they have experienced something many times before.

Since Pisces Rising rules the feet, these people have beautiful and attractive ankles and toes. They can also be incredibly graceful on their feet, wearing shoes that show off their arched and angular feet and performing dance moves that show off their footwork.

Pisces Rising Appearance

People with Pisces Rising keep their options open. They rarely have any plans for the future. This take-a-day-attitude approach is good in some situations but not always. They do not plan their actions or future life. They do not believe in saving money. They avoid the harsh realities and facts of life and see only the good in everything. This makes them more vulnerable to problems and deception. Pisces have a strong personality and a unique charisma that others find attractive. There is a sense of softness about them that is attractive. They are polite, adorable, stylish, shy, mysterious and interesting. Unfortunately, they are not as strong physically as they are emotionally. They may also suffer from allergies and health problems related to cleanliness and the environment.

Pisces Rising Personality

According to Personalized Predictions, Pisces Rising people are not practical people but are sensitive and instinctual. They are versatile and tend to understand things through sense rather than logic. Rigid in following the prevailing attitudes and can give up anything except their orthodoxy. Pisces Rising is confident, loyal, home-loving, kind, and generous. They can be easily misled. Their dreamy and impractical nature causes problems for your loved ones. Being a mix of optimists and pessimists, they find it difficult to make up their own minds on any issue.

A typical Pisces Rising is shy and has an abiding love and trust for all those who come into contact with them. They are eternally romantic in the classic sense and have a well-deserved reputation for being hesitant over their own feet. Piscean are extremely superstitious and religious They possess a gentle, patient nature but one which needs molding. They adapt to surroundings whether good or bad; are generous, friendly, and good-natured with a true sense of kindness and compassion and yet sensitive to everything around them along with the feelings of others.

Pisces Rising Woman

Pisces Rising women are very sensitive as well as very caring and have elegant sensual personalities. Pisces women can easily walk into any party and attract all the attention. Many Pisces women can also win beauty contests.

The body of a Pisces Rising woman is amazingly sexy. The figure of these women is slim. They are usually small. His hands are very soft and his complexion is fair to medium-brown. Pisces women are so happy that it is impossible not to enjoy their company. But, when it comes to feeling mentally organized, they feel lost and confused. This is one reason why these people can easily fall into the trap of drugs and alcohol.

Pisces Rising Man

The Pisces Rising looks like a sexy scholar. These men are usually of average height, have well-built bodies, and dreamy eyes that will steal your heart the moment you look at them. They are fantastic to look at and very gentle when it comes to intercourse.

Pisces Rising men are loyal, humble, and mysterious personalities. They are very intelligent and think a lot before doing anything. Sometimes they get confused in making decisions. However, they are very kind and giving by nature. The Pisces Rising is somehow attracted to heartbreak. When these gentlemen are in love they do not see the world as it is. By the time they see the reality, their hearts are broken. The bad thing is that they still don’t learn. They are hopeless romantics who would even give their lives for the women they love.

Pisces Rising Health

According to Health Predictions, Pisces Rising rules the feet; Therefore there is a potential danger to the feet. You may suffer from arthritis or circulatory problems. There may be some problem with your nerves also. Cold and bronchitis are also common complaints of Pisces, mainly because you are sensitive to high and low temperatures. Your health generally remains weak.

Pisces Rising is related to the endocrine system and diabetes can cause serious foot problems as well as other difficulties. Swelling, allergic reactions to medications, foot injuries, and related problems are common complaints, but the emotional nature of Pisces can also make them vulnerable to emotional illness.

Pisces Rising Compatibility

When it comes to love, Pisces Rising is very romantic, dedicated, and selfless. They are very emotional and do not believe in casual appearances. You will find harmony with a partner who completes you as a person. You want a loyal and practical partner who is logical and organized. Plus, as a Pisces rising sign, you live in a fairy-tale romance (even if the reality is different) and often have a clingy partner. Due to this, you may have to face painful experiences and disappointments in your romantic life. They may feel betrayed in the relationship. Sometimes, they may get suspicious of their partner and excessive possessiveness may create disturbance in their love life. They can easily fall in love with someone who is kind to them.

Auspicious planet for Pisces Rising

Moon is the most beneficial planet for a person with Pisces Rising. The next auspicious planet is Mars. The neutral planets for this zodiac sign are Mercury and Jupiter.

Inauspicious planet for Pisces Rising

Venus is the most inauspicious planet for Pisces ascendant.


People born in Pisces Rising like to be in control of life and do things in their own way, which also increases their changeability. Emotions are essential for Pisces people. They are very romantic and very emotional when it comes to love. However, they sometimes become unlucky in love matters. They have a strong intuition that allows them to see the personality of others. They can sense the pain of others, and their behavior is often a source of comfort and healing to others. Pisces people want a reliable partner, someone who can calm their emotional turmoil and bring peace to their life, someone who will stay with them for the long run. However, Pisces Rising people often fail to pay attention to small things and realities about their partner, which leads to problems later on.

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