Ketu, which provides enthusiasm and intensity to the residents, favors this zodiac sign. The residents of the first house are likely to be unsuccessful, anxious, and hostile and they are also intelligent and wise. Ketu will impact your inner feelings; You will be more distant from yourself and your identity and may sometimes feel isolated in a group. You will be attracted to magic, investigation, and the strange. You will also arrange for a long journey. It is best to stay away from dangerous adventure activities and reckless racing.

The presence of Ketu in Aries is a very pleasant presence. In this phase, Aries will be dominated by Ketu with its high potential. But it shares a very ‘friendly’ kind of ‘relationship’ with the ruling planet of this sign. People of this zodiac sign are usually very aggressive but the presence of Ketu calms down the aggression. These types of people never get into any kind of risk or adventure. Rather, such people have a tendency to self-doubt. And “such people are not “fully” themselves to others.” They only behave or act as they want to be. In relationships, such people ‘will always have worry or fear, which can ultimately spoil the relationship.’


Aries Ketu Compatibility


Aries is a zodiac sign ruled by Mars, which has a good relationship with Ketu as per Vedic astrology principles. Actually, Ketu is said to give similar results as Mars. Ketu is the tail of the dragon. In Hindu mythology, it is considered headless. People born with Ketu in Aries are not conscious of their actions and words. Aries is ruled by a fiery malefic planet and Ketu adds stupidity to the person hence the person often speaks unnecessarily and without thinking.

People born with Ketu in Aries are usually cheerful, talkative, and fluent in many languages. However, they can be moody at times. His nature is unpredictable and unstable. Have a tendency to seek change and move from one place to another. These people believe in living a simple life. There is a strong need for peace and tranquility in life. They always find peaceful ways to get the job done. These people don’t like being in the limelight. They like to work behind the scenes. They work very hard at whatever they do. However, they remain suspicious and apprehensive about their relationships.


Aries Ketu Personality Traits


The position of Ketu in Aries looks quite beneficial. During this entire period, Ketu, which has abundant potential, will rule Aries. Nevertheless, it has a sweet relationship with the ruling planet of this astrological sign. People born under the same symbol are incredibly aggressive; However, the existence of Ketu mitigates this. This type of person has no interest in taking significant risks or embarking on experiences. These individuals suffer from self-doubt to any extreme. Around others, such individuals are not entirely genuine. They behave or act only to the extent that they want to. Such individuals are constantly worried or fearful in partnerships, which will ultimately ruin the relationship.


Ketu in Aries Man 


Ketu in Aries makes the person extremely aggressive. He may be too focused on one point, which means he is only focusing on one point at a time. Maybe he shows his foolish attitude. Ketu in Aries indicates that the person may be oversensitive. He may be suffering from the hypocrisy of his own making. He can be explosive by nature. The transit of Ketu in Aries indicates that the person may suffer from mental stress or tension. He may show a lot of courage but in reality, he is not brave. He may be suffering from some head-related problem.

Man with Ketu in Aries never wants to be in the limelight. They don’t want to be the center of attention for everything. They are self-aware people who believe in competing with themselves rather than going into battle with other individuals. They are never conscious of walking a completely different path. In fact, they follow this path for the peace of mind that it will provide. When Ketu is in Aries and is not associated with any inauspicious planet then the person is respected in the society. Such a person can become rich and get a job in the army. People with Ketu in Aries usually boast of a commanding personality. He is both brave and courageous.


Ketu in Aries Woman


A Woman with Ketu in Aries may show off to others as if she is an ideal person. But in reality, she is not an ideal person. She has no morals. But others think that he is a very moral person. She may suffer from fraud by others. Ketu in Aries indicates that the person may be a spiritual or religious person. She may be rude or have a harsh attitude. Putting too much stress on the brain can also cause pain. She may suffer from an accident or body injury.


Positive Impact of Ketu in Aries


In Aries, Ketu gives superior form to the second shadow planet and gives considerable control and authority over Aries. Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, and Ketu have a good relationship with each other. Due to the conjunction of Rahu and Mars, these people think in a calm and confused manner. In Aries, Ketu reduces hostility and impulsive behavior, turning individuals into calm people with a balanced approach toward life.

These Aries people are adventurous and ready to step outside the bounds of astrology. People born with Ketu in Aries do not like to have control over everything; Instead, they prefer to exert the same energy, even if they are not as powerful inside. They focus on overcoming personal struggles and making their own way, not so that everyone can follow in their footsteps, but to be comfortable with themselves. Despite its pleasant appearance, Ketu in Aries is a powerful planet in this position. Mars, the lord of Aries, has a cordial relationship with Ketu. As a result, the position of Ketu in Aries is good. Some people believe that the position of Ketu in Aries has different effects on everyone. It has negative and positive aspects.


Negative Impact of Ketu in Aries 


However, they sometimes become depressed. Their mood is sometimes disorganized and irregular. It is human nature to change things and travel from one place to another. These people like to live a restrained lifestyle. There is a great need for peace and tranquility in lifestyle. They are constantly looking for a more peaceful way to get the job done. These people do not like to be the center of attraction. Instead, they will work behind closed doors. They go deep into whatever they do. Their friendship is still fragile and uncertain on both sides.

Self-doubt is common among people with Ketu in Aries. In most cases, such individuals do not expose themselves completely, especially in public. They say whatever they want to say. Due to Ketu in Aries, people start looking distant and different from others. Such people are always worried and fearful of partnerships. This can spoil the partnership. These individuals should spread out and initiate conversations with others instead of remaining isolated. They can achieve this by choosing hobbies that they appreciate and with which they are familiar, which can make them feel comfortable when interacting with others. These individuals also have a desire to express themselves and not maintain distance.




When Ketu is in Aries and is not conjunct with any unwanted adverse planet, the person is respected in the community. Such a person can become rich and serve in the army. Ketu in Aries is associated with a strong personality. They are both brave. People falling in this category are generally rich. If Ketu in Aries joins with any unwanted unfavorable planet then the results are completely opposite. Such people should learn to live peacefully with others.

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