Libra is said to be a symbol of balance. It is ruled by Venus, which has a good relationship with Ketu. Both these planets are airy. When Ketu is situated in Libra, it increases the management abilities of the person. You will know how to keep things in balance. Ketu, the tail of the dragon, gives the person a tendency towards movement as Libra is also a dynamic zodiac sign.

Ketu in Libra causes land acquisition and auspicious celebrations in the family. This is the right time when the natives believe that money cannot give happiness. They learn to make decisions on their own. People with such yoga do not like to live alone and depend on the advice and help of others. They like to spend time and money on clothes, cosmetics, and other luxury items. They believe in romance and develop a measured approach to decision-making. Such persons are often generous. Their personality lacks individuality because they are dependent on people.


Libra Ketu Compatibility


Libra is a symbol of balance. It is ruled by Venus, which has a good relationship with Ketu. Apart from this, both these planets are air planets. When Ketu is situated in the sign ruled by Venus, it enhances the management abilities of the person. Ketu, the tail of the dragon, gives the individual a tendency towards movement as Libra is also a dynamic zodiac sign. People who have Ketu in this position in their horoscope are in dire need of change and activism. Ketu also visits here a lot. Such people like to travel and go from one place to another.

This position of Ketu also promotes aggressive tendencies in the person. Such people are hardworking and clever. They are very talkative and good at public dealings. They know how to respond in front of others. Media has become an attractive field for these people. Ketu in Libra also makes people irritable. These people are stubborn and domineering. Although they have spiritual inclinations, they can be dishonest at times. Ketu in Libra sometimes makes the person dependent on the family. Also, skin related problems are also common with this placement.


Libra Ketu Personality Traits


The position of Ketu in Libra gives rise to aggressive tendencies in the person. You are smart and hardworking. You are very good at public dealings because you are very talkative. You know how to put your feelings before others. Ketu in Libra will make you dependent on your family at times. Although you have spiritual inclinations, you can still be dishonest at times. With this position of Ketu, you will have a strong desire for activity and change as Ketu leads to a lot of traveling. You may like to travel from one place to another. You will be essentially humanitarian and generous. You were very fortunate in your past life and were surrounded by comforts and luxuries.


Ketu in Libra Man 


Ketu in Libra indicates that the person may have to face insult. He is friends with bad people. He can be very social. It is also possible that he may consider her to be an angry person. Maybe he speaks less. He may have to suffer losses in his professional life.

The position of Ketu in Libra brings a pleasant aspect to the shadow planet and has a slight positive impact on the natives due to its friendly relationship with Venus, the lord of Libra. People with the conjunction of Ketu in Libra are intellectual personalities and Ketu increases creativity in their outlook. On the other hand, their mind structure will be fluctuating and unstable.


Ketu in Libra Woman


Ketu in Libra can cause problems related to the lower abdominal region. This can also lead to internal sexual problems. He may suffer from skin-related problems. This may also cause mental distress or stress. She may suffer from an accident. She may suffer from intestinal-related problems. There may be unhappiness in marital life due to Ketu in Libra. She may lose her power due to her bad conduct.

These individuals are basically generous and humanitarian, although sometimes unable to do so due to their inability to make decisions. Ketu in Libra are people who will be highly dependent on relationships, lacking individuality in personality due to their high sensitivity. Moreover, they also lack proper expression. A person born in this mixture will have to move away from interdependence and declare his or her unique individuality when looking at someone. Now is the time for one to fearlessly increase one’s presence.


Positive Impact of Ketu in Libra


Individuals with the position of Ketu in Libra have great potential to expand their wealth, especially through their children. Due to Venus having a friendly relationship with Ketu, this position can have some positive effects on the natives. Because of this placement, you will have excellent management skills. You can behave very well with the public and business. You can perform very well in the field of media. You know very well how to present yourself in public. Due to Venus having a friendly relationship with Ketu, this position can have some positive effects on the natives.


Negative Impact of Ketu in Libra


Ketu in Libra is not considered an auspicious place and it has a negative impact on the person. Due to this situation, your dependence on your family shows a lack of individuality. The structure of your mind may also become unstable and fluctuating. Despite being generous at heart, sometimes due to the inability to make a decision, you are not able to implement it. The effect of Ketu in Libra can cause mental stress or trouble to the person. You may also suffer from fatal accidents. Problems related to your intestine will be a matter of great concern for you. This situation can also cause unhappiness in your married life. You may lose your power due to your bad conduct. Your partner may also be an evil person. Your sexual desires are strong but you will not be able to enjoy them.

Due to Ketu being situated in Libra, you may have problems related to the kidneys or intestines. You may also be in danger from your partner or friends. In this situation, medicines or medicines are also dangerous for you. Your married life may go through some serious problems. Your spouse may become the cause of your loss. With Ketu in Libra, you change friends many times and the same applies to your profession. This place indicates an insult to the person. You may be friends with the wrong people. However, you will be very social. This situation can also give you an irritable nature. You may also have to suffer losses in your professional life. Ketu in Libra can give you problems in the lower stomach. There may also be internal sexual problems. You are likely to suffer from skin problems.




Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and Ketu has a friendly relationship with Venus. Ketu’s position in Libra has both positive and negative effects on the person. Despite being friendly with Venus, this place has more negative impact on the person than positive impact. In this situation, you will become dependent on your family and it also shows a lack of personality. Due to this condition, you are likely to have problems mostly related to the stomach and lower abdomen. Be it indigestion or constipation, your digestive system will be negatively affected. There is a possibility of discord and sorrow in your married life also. You have very strong sexual fantasies but there is no chance of enjoying them under this placement. The positive impact of this appointment is that you will have strong managerial skills and adept public dealings.

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