When an Aquarius wife is sad and wants to cry, you will see a smile on her face. An Aquarius wife is a kind of enigma. She is very unpredictable and autonomous. A sure sign that doesn’t take kindly to people telling her what to do. But she is a true humanitarian who is always ready to support any person who is short of cash or down on luck. She will always give good advice.

You can’t put the four winds in one box, or tie the clouds together. And don’t try. The Aquarius wife can be a bit contradictory. Brilliant, optimistic, charming, and eccentric, this Air-sign wife thrives in the world of ideas, always giving more credence to a complex vision of an ideal society than how she thinks things “should” actually be”.


Aquarius Wife Personality


Don’t cheat on her, because she will completely reject your expectations and become exactly what you don’t want her to be. As far as everything else is concerned, she is a true non-conformist. She always thinks outside the box and likes to live life on the edge.

The Aquarius wife may lack empathy towards her closest family and friends. She may not be a compassionate listener and certainly not someone you automatically call when you need to express your feelings in the middle of the night. Many of her friendships are of an intellectual nature. Aquarius can easily talk to anyone about anything and has a lot of friends on many social networks.


Aquarius Wife Traits


The Aquarius man should be interested in research that seems important to her in any way that affects the general well-being of all human beings. The Aquarius wife is a person with ‘ideas’. She challenges everything and develops creative new ideas, but she doesn’t always want to be the one who brings it together and makes it happen.

As long as the Aquarius wife manages her naturally firm, inflexible way with employees, she becomes a successful leader, an encouraging friend, and a well-loved and hard-working employee. If the Aquarius man can set her own hours and fly free whenever she wants, her spirit flourishes. For these air sylphs, freedom is important, and they will jump at the chance to have a boss around their neck forever.


Aquarius Wifey


She is an autonomous Aquarius wife who takes full responsibility for her financial security. This wife is practical and does not shy away from taking any risk in her investments, but is also interested in making decisions based on what is available. Unlike some zodiac signs who live to save or spend money, many Aquarius women are not so attached. They often wonder if it could be given to someone who needs it more. This can be very difficult for those who are more attached to their capital. Aquarius’ distant, isolated position makes her a difficult negotiator.


Is Aquarius Good Wife?


Like the cool, faint glow coming from a distant star, the Aquarius wife radiates a soft glow. Although she may be sitting right next to you, it feels like her soul is thousands of light years away, far away from matters of the heart. Love is fun for the Aquarius wife, and she will play multiple roles as her lover to make things interesting. On the other hand, it takes some time for her to be able to emotionally communicate and trust someone else.

Difficulty in loving can be used by some to define the Aquarius wife. Her partner needs to be mentally prepared to face the challenges presented by this powerful, capable, educated wife. Not that they can’t be sensual, and committed lovers—initially they often are. Yet they really want a romantic relationship, sometimes getting caught up in completely imaginary plans instead of really knowing how they feel about their current relationship. Communication is the secret to a good relationship for her and she can rationalize every emotion. But as nice as she is, it takes a while to reach her heart.


Best Husband for Aquarius Woman


When it comes to compatibility or preferably fire signs, the Aquarius wife is better suited to other air signs i.e. Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius. The least compatible zodiac signs with Aquarius are generally considered to be Taurus and Scorpio. The Aquarius woman is not emotionally attached, but she expects her husband to be emotionally attached to her. She will be a kind wife if you make sure all her needs are met. She loves sex and Aquarius, generally, likes long sessions of coitus (especially Shatabhisha), which combined with the satisfaction of her physical needs is enough to keep her happy. The sexual needs of an Aquarius with Dhanishtha Nakshatra are strong and can be fulfilled by an equal partner.




The Aquarius Moon woman is less emotional and more practical as a wife. She will make sure that everything looks fine on the surface. Everything seems to be fine from home to her husband; This will be her style of ensuring order within the house. If these things are taken care of and her freedom is not hampered in every matter, she will be a good life partner.

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