The Jupiter and Venus conjunction in the eighth house often proves risky, especially for reputation and physical security. It is not good for marital life and sexual life. But generally, the marriage remains stable. But since these two soft stars have a direct aspect to the second house or money house, the bank balance generally remains stable. It usually gives good relations with relatives and family members.


The person has a materialistic approach towards life. They may be kind but his attitude may be greedy. A person has a good reputation but he may have to face insult in bad times of life. Jupiter and Venus in the eighth house make him a very good financial data analyst. They can be good financial advisors for others. 


Jupiter and Venus in 8th House


But at the same time, Jupiter and Venus in the eighth house give long-lasting illness. The person may have problems related to cold and cough. They are at risk of diabetes. Conjunction in the eighth house will reduce the effect of Dhan yoga. The person may be rich to others but personally, they will suffer from the financial crisis. The person may be inclined towards a luxurious lifestyle. Their expenses may exceed their earnings. But they will also face difficulties in mentioning their expenses. There may be many types of hidden expenses including expenses on family members.


Positive Effect Of Jupiter and Venus Conjunction in 8th House


The conjunction of two natural auspicious planets in the eighth house is considered good for the lifetime of the person. The person may live long. He died peacefully. The person may be intelligent. Their complexion may be fair and good in appearance. Such people may look younger than their age. Jupiter and Venus are two money planets. When both are situated in the eighth house, a financial crisis arises in the person’s life. The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus is considered to be the best wealth yoga.


Negative Effect Of Jupiter and Venus Conjunction in 8th House


Another caution that needs to be taken regarding this combination is that the person may suffer loss of wealth, property, or reputation due to fraud or exploitation in money matters. There is also a risk of financial loss in speculation and the stock market. Jupiter and Venus Conjunction in the 8th House are likely to cause illness and Jupiter gives illness which takes a longer time to recover.


Jupiter and Venus Conjunction in 8th House in Navamsa Chart


Due to the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the eighth house of the Navamsa Chart, the native may have to face tax-related problems with the government, such as income tax-related problems. Their loans may become NPA and face problems with financial institutions. Because they will get the loan easily, they need to be careful while taking the loan. The person’s life partner may be from a reputed and wealthy family. His wife may be lucky for him or may achieve financial advancement after marriage. The person gets good sleep. The person may be sensual by nature. He has ideological differences with his wife. Sometimes love causes failure in marriage.




The eighth house is the natural salvation house and is related to a deep knowledge of spirituality. If there is a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the eighth house then the person may be of a religious nature. They have a deep understanding of the real meaning of religion. Such people can progress in their lives by combining spirituality with religion. The person may be interested in Tantra-Mantra. They have deep knowledge of secret subjects. Such people can become good astrologers, doctors, or Reiki masters.

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