When Rahu comes in Aquarius the person can be clever and strategic to achieve any goal in life. They may suffer from some serious health problems during their lifetime. It is also possible that these people will not be satisfied with their sex life and this can cause intense tension between couples. They are self-centered individuals who do not care about how others may feel.

Rahu in Aquarius brings positive results as Rahu is considered to be the companion of the ruling planet of Aquarius. People with Rahu in Aquarius prove to be good friends and are considered sociable people. They are more flexible and more inclined towards politics because they have leadership qualities. They have proper skills and can attract people with their personality. The negative aspect of people of this zodiac sign is that they are full of pride because of their status and position. They should learn to treat people equally. Time is favorable for Aquarius people and this will help in eliminating evils.


Aquarius Rahu Compatibility


Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. Both planets are airy and share positive relationships, however, such people are under the strong influence of the air element. They have strong desires and high aspirations. They have the tendency to build castles in the air. Saturn is related to society and prestige. When Rahu is situated in its own sign, the person has a tendency to seek social recognition. Such people want to be praised and respected in their social circle.

This position of Rahu often affects the health of the person. Such people also feel sad about the separation from their loved ones. However, this is a positive placement of Rahu with respect to one’s financial prospects. Such people earn well in life and acquire good property. They increase their earnings through their hard work. Their strong willpower helps them to fulfill their desires. These people have a tendency to spend too much on luxury items. With their efforts, they make their place in society and also earn a lot of recognition.


Aquarius Rahu Personality Traits


When Rahu resides in the seventh house of Aquarius the person may be extremely selfish. They will not compromise on anything in life and can go to any extent to turn their dreams into reality. This is partly because they are so obsessed with their dreams that they cannot imagine a life where their dreams do not come true. They have a certain fantasy about their love life and their married life, both of which essentially compromise a happy sex life for them. If any of their wishes are not fulfilled, it may become more challenging for others to deal with them.

Even their family members do not support them, the main reason for this is their stubbornness. This nature of theirs affects every relationship and it will also affect the person with Rahu in Capricorn and it has a direct impact on their health and personality. When it comes to their work-life, they fail to strike a balance as they are overly passionate about whatever they do. They will make plans to get their work done, no matter the consequences.


Rahu in Aquarius Man 


Rahu in Aquarius indicates that the person may have many hidden desires. He is very imaginative. They have the power to analyze any matter with the help of their hidden qualities. Rahu in Aquarius indicates that the person may have a desire to make high-level friends. He may use his friendship for fraud or fraud with friends. Or he is smart in earning money from his friend circle.

Rahu in Aquarius brings the shadow planet in a satisfied form as it is a natural friend of Saturn, the ruling planet of the Aquarius region. This provides a very positive reflection on the individuals of the sign’s confinement. The presence of Rahu in Aquarius enhances the human qualities of the natives to a great extent, making them completely detached from the impartial and materialistic world. These people see the world from a visionary perspective and their approach is a mix of both philosophical and creative.


Rahu in Aquarius Woman


Rahu in Aquarius shows that the person is smart in earning money. She earns huge profits either by wrong means or by right means. She may earn from foreign affairs. She has many ways to earn money. Rahu in Aquarius is a sign that the health of the person will not be good. She can be very sensual.

Individuals with Rahu in Aquarius can get up easily, move forward in any direction, and are determined individuals, moving forward as per other people’s viewpoint rather than following their emotions. Since this is so, they do so because they see some reason for their own self-interest. These people generally remain very calm and no matter what happens, they have to avoid conflicts. Such persons are big-hearted, loyal, and truthful.


Positive Impact of Rahu in Aquarius


Generally, Aquarius is the most stable of all the zodiac signs. They are expressive and very friendly. This ensures that they share a good relationship with their family members including their children. They are very patient when it comes to dealing with people and that is why people find them good as parents and partners. They are achievers.

Even though the initial days of their life may not be wonderful, they become happier with time. Their mid-twenties are their happiest days as they believe in living and enjoying their youth to the fullest. They are also stubborn to achieve success. While their success is certain with or without the presence of Rahu, Rahu can affect other aspects of their life. For example, certain positions of Rahu may create troubles in their life. Although they will achieve what they want at any cost, it is also true that they may have to compromise with their family life. Even though they do not believe in repenting for their actions and this protects them from being sad to some extent, they still feel the need for life support. When they go to their family members, they embrace them with all their heart.


Negative Impact of Rahu in Aquarius


The presence of Rahu in Aquarius can cause some serious problems in one’s life. Such people are obsessed with material pleasures and this is the only motivation behind their hard work. They get so engrossed in materialistic activities that sometimes they even abandon the values that they have grown up cherishing. Desire may ruin them in the long run. Even though they may go to any extent to get what they want and be successful, their success will not stay with them forever. Their aspirations may alienate them from their family members, especially their co-workers.

In marital relationships, a person with Rahu in Aquarius is not satisfied with his sex life. It is either because of renunciation that they do not experience happiness or it is because of a lack of physical pleasure that they do not experience the feeling of attachment. They want to experience everything with great interest and it is probably an imaginary world in which they like to live. They must accept that life is full of ups and downs, and not every day is exciting.




These people with Rahu in Aquarius are skilled in maintaining good social networks. They are peace-loving people who want to avoid conflict and noise in their path. People with Rahu in Aquarius are generally exceptionally adaptable. The presence of Rahu in Aquarius means that such people will be successful in their middle age. They can enjoy luxuries in the latter part of their life. However, there are chances that they may feel isolated due to disputes with their family members. If they want to live a happy life, they have to improve things before it’s too late.

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