Venus, a female water star who has a sweet relationship with Ketu, rules Taurus. The worldly aspect of Taurus keeps them connected to their roots. They live independently and bring a lot of hustle and bustle into their lives. The nervous and unstable nature of Ketu, combined with the calmness of Taurus, makes it difficult for natives to choose between a calm and realistic mind and a turbulent and active mind. They are inclined to talk too much and are often fake about it. They often struggle to achieve the level of luxury and material prosperity they desire. There is also Ketu in Taurus, which gives the person a contemplative nature.

People with this astrological position have a tendency to procrastinate and are as stubborn as a bulldog. Their ego may also contribute to their inability to maintain a relationship with their romantic lead. They are more likely to make personal unethical mistakes in their lives, and may not be rewarded for their empathy and caring. They also have strained relationships with their family members. Ketu in Taurus brings the shadow planet with a lot of dominance and power as it is friends with the ruling planet Venus. Ketu becomes weakest at 20 degrees in Taurus where Rahu is exalted. Overall, it will have a very negative impact on the people of this yoga.


Taurus Ketu Compatibility


Taurus is ruled by Venus and has an average relationship with Ketu. Here, Ketu is in the Earth sign and is in mythology; It is depicted as the tail of a dragon. Such people want to move freely and have mobility, but that does not mean that they fly in the air because Taurus is an earth sign and this element keeps them grounded. Due to the impulse given by Ketu, such people are always pulled between the need for mobility and the need for stability. Ketu in Taurus also gives an anxious mood to the person. Such people like to talk a lot and are sometimes quite insincere. These people face obstacles in achieving their desired luxuries and material comforts.

Ketu in Taurus also creates hindrances in love life. Such people also have to face problems in the family. They often move in the wrong direction in life which requires immoral actions. Although they are very loving, caring, and kind, they still struggle to receive the same level of love and compassion in return. Ketu in Taurus also makes the person sluggish. Such people have a tendency to postpone work. These people can sometimes be quite stubborn like a bull. Ego also has a deep impact on their character, which increases challenges in maintaining relationships.


Taurus Ketu Personality Traits


The existence of Ketu in Taurus causes a lot of changes in people’s lives, especially in money matters, as people will experience deprivation as well as great fortune. Furthermore, these individuals will be deeply connected to the world’s greatest wealth and materialism facilities. These people have an insatiable desire for happiness and joy.

The influence of Ketu in Taurus may give rise to inappropriate activities and make people more determined and arrogant in their actions. These people feel sadness in partnership, but they are not able to escape from it. These individuals are aware of the uncomfortable effects of both unity and peace, as well as unrest. Here, the individual is trying to adapt to radical changes in the world and the conditions around him. They would like to believe that their soul’s journey is over. They are tired of remembering their worldly burden from past worldly memories, and they want to experience its worth. As a result, it appears that developing capacities for potential change will be challenging.

On a broader scale, these individuals are clinging to ancient behavioral patterns that served them well in their previous lifetimes. He has a history of getting things done the hard way. They expend so much physical stamina that they diminish their inner life to such an extent that they lose any interesting possibilities other than the extraordinary life to which they have become accustomed.


Ketu in Taurus Man 


Ketu in Taurus indicates that the person may be very stubborn. He may be suffering from pimples on the face or other facial skin problems. They may have throat-related problems. Ketu in Taurus is indicating that the person’s speech may be harsh. He may be a person who speaks the truth in a very harsh manner so that others are irritated by his voice. He can be quarrelsome. He can do illogical things.

Due to Ketu in Taurus, there can be ups and downs in the life of Taurus people living in extreme poverty. And individuals will have more weakness towards money and materialistic parts of the world. Such people have a hunger-like desire for worldly comforts. Their egoistic nature will end rather they will move forward in an immoral direction. Due to a lack of harmony and peace, instability will be seen in their mental state. They may feel uncomfortable due to tightness in relationships but they cannot separate from these relationships.


Ketu in Taurus Woman


Her eyesight may become weak. She may suffer the loss of money due to fraud, fishing, or legal problems. It is also possible that the native may be facing obstacles in starting her education or in learning or verbal learning. Due to Ketu in Taurus, family members may face problems. Disputes with family members are also possible. So it is possible that family life may be unhappy. If you want to know more about Ketu then you can read this link.


Positive Impact of Ketu in Taurus


Ketu in Taurus causes more loss than profit. You will be hasty, which will affect your choice also. Before actually making any financial choices, it is recommended that you be patient and read the paperwork; You will take care of your spouse’s health. Although there will be some differences with your spouse, with the prayers of your superiors, you will be able to control the situation. You should take adequate rest to maintain your health. Think more carefully when you choose joint initiatives. With Ketu in Taurus, there is a good chance that your career will be one that requires a lot of travel or that requires you to relocate from your birthplace. Rahu in the fourth house, which influences family peace, adds to this. The specific effect is also determined by your zodiac sign and the elements of the fourth and tenth houses.


Negative Impact of Ketu in Taurus


Ketu in Taurus is also a romantic hindrance. There are problems in the family of these people also. They often adopt a wrong life path, which requires immoral actions. They are extremely kind, caring, and very compassionate, yet they fail to receive the same amount of kindness and care from others. Ketu in Taurus makes a person dull. Such people have a tendency to delay. These people can be stubborn like a bull sometimes. The ego shapes the nature of people by adopting the problems of being in contact.




The existence of Ketu in the Vrishabha region will bring about many changes in the appearance of the residents, especially in terms of wealth, as people will experience tremendous wealth and deprivation. Furthermore, these people will be very attracted to money and material areas of life. These individuals have an insatiable craving for joy and pleasure. The influence of Ketu in Taurus can make the natives immoral extra stubborn and selfish. These people do not like to get into relationships, but they cannot stay away from them either. It is believed that these individuals symbolize insecurity as well as a lack of peace and harmony.

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