Ketu is currently transiting in your zodiac sign. Patience is a virtue that should be adopted in daily life. If you are starting a new organization, think twice before choosing. You can expect some growth in your family company. It will be beneficial if you take care of your wife’s health too. When conversing with your partner, this is a great way to keep your frankness in check, as it can disturb the normal domestic peace. This is also an excellent reason to stay away from dangerous adventure activities and dangerous driving. Individuals with Ketu in Scorpio remain unaffected by unwanted adverse consequences. If Ketu is in Scorpio in the native’s house at this time, then the health of the native’s wife is affected. It is possible that giving birth to a child may be difficult or that the child will eventually die after birth.

Ketu in Scorpio brings pleasant results as Ketu shares a friendly relationship with Mars which is the ruling planet of Scorpio. Such people have a sharp mind and a tough personality. People of this class are inclined towards the materialistic world and they reach heights with ups and downs in their life journey. People with this yoga are dissatisfied with life and are not able to forgive people easily. Their mind is sharp and they are capable of hiding the truth from people. Ketu has the maximum power which affects the people of the Scorpio zodiac. When Ketu is in Scorpio, it is exalted and at its strongest.

Ketu’s position in Scorpio brings a pleasant aspect to the shadow planet due to its friendly relationship with Mars, the lord of Scorpio. Ketu becomes exalted in Scorpio at 20 degrees with maximum dominance and potency. The presence of Ketu in Scorpio reduces the inner sensitivity of the natives, apart from this it makes them aggressive and strong personalities.


Scorpio Ketu Compatibility


Many people believe that Ketu is exalted in this zodiac sign. Scorpio is strongly associated with mystery, depth, and complexity and so is Ketu. Ketu is a shadow planet and when it is in Scorpio it gives the person excellence in research. Such people like to do their own work. The lord of Scorpio is Mars, which has a good relationship with Ketu. In fact, Ketu is closest to Mars. There are many layers in the personality of such people. No one knows what is in his mind.

Ketu in Scorpio makes the person sharp-minded and courageous. It also gives determination and the tendency to work hard to achieve goals. This position of Ketu makes the person talkative. However, such people are prone to betray others. They can be quite harsh at times. Ketu also makes the person a keen researcher. Such people study any subject in depth. They have good knowledge of secret subjects and science. Ketu in Scorpio also provides good esoteric knowledge to the person. These people can perform well in the medical field, especially in surgery.


Scorpio Ketu Personality Traits


Ketu in Scorpio gives good results as it is compatible with Mars, the ruling planet of Scorpio. These people have sharp intelligence as well as diverse nature. People of this class are attracted to the material world and move towards greatness despite challenges in life. Residents of this mix are unhappy with their culture and have difficulty trusting others. Their intelligence is sharp and they are capable of hiding hidden truths from others. The most powerful planet is Ketu, which is reflected in Scorpio. If Ketu is prominent and is in Scorpio then it is in the most notable and important work.


Ketu in Scorpio Man 


Ketu in Scorpio indicates that the person may be overly emotional. He may be particularly focused on mystical subjects, magic, or any secret knowledge. His understanding can be very sharp. He can be honest in his conscience. He may be of an angry nature. He can discover hidden knowledge. He can be confident in finding the root of any matter. He may be spiritual.

Men with Ketu in Scorpio are strong-minded and have a tough personality. These people have a calm inclination towards material life and are seen at good heights with the ups and downs in their life path. People with the conjunction of Ketu in Scorpio are sharp-minded and skilled in hiding their inner truth. They do not forgive easily and sometimes become malicious and cruel for which they get involved in witchcraft. They always carry dissatisfaction with life.


Ketu in Scorpio Woman


Ketu in Scorpio can cause incurable diseases. This can also cause problems related to sexual organs. It can also cause piles. It can also pose a threat through weapons, vehicles, etc. She may also suffer from accidents. She may be suffering from unhealthy sexual habits. He may suffer from skin rashes. Ketu in Scorpio may cause separation from your loved ones. She may be a critic or a philosopher. She may have a habit of investigating supernatural matters. She may be interested in secret knowledge, esoteric knowledge, and spirituality.


Positive Impact of Ketu in Scorpio


Many people believe that Ketu is dominant in this zodiac sign. Ketu is associated with intrigue, complexity, and depth, just like Scorpio. Such individuals focus on completing work on their own. Mars is the lord of Scorpio and has a good relationship with Ketu. Ketu is most similar to the planet Mars. Ketu in Scorpio gives the person secret tendencies. Their masses are made up of several layers of cells. No one had any idea what was going on inside his mind. The significance of Ketu in Scorpio is sharp intelligence and courage. It also creates incredible motivation to succeed and commitment to work hard and achieve goals.

Ketu in this posture also makes the person talkative. On the other hand, such persons are prone to misleading others. Sometimes, they can be harsh. Furthermore, Ketu transforms the native into a keen investigator. People with this personality type are obsessed with understanding everything there is to know about a subject. They know a lot about esoteric subjects and techniques. Ketu in Scorpio also gives secret knowledge to the person. These locals flourish in health care professions, mainly surgical. You are sensitive and apprehensive, but your emotions, such as fear, can cause turmoil, ups and downs, and even extremes in your existence. In previous incarnations, you have understood more esoteric truths about the world and are now exploring how to use this knowledge in this one. You may need to use genuine charm to convince yourself that you are in the present moment.


Negative Impact of Ketu in Scorpio


The lord of this strange zodiac sign is Mars. Receiving secret and esoteric information is related to the nature of the people of this zodiac sign. Very few people will know about the native’s opinions and feelings because he hides them very well. They will make extensive efforts to reach their goals. Since this is the smallest Moon sign, natives have a tendency to misbehave and alienate people. The person constantly controls himself. Stomach problems, hernia, and genital problems can all be symptoms of Scorpio with Ketu.




Ketu, like Scorpio, is closely associated with secrecy, intensity, and complexity. When situated in Scorpio, Ketu is a shadow star which helps the person to progress in studies. They want to achieve results on their own. Mars rules Scorpio and has a positive relationship with Ketu. In fact, Ketu has the most similarity with Mars. Ketu in Scorpio gives a mysterious aura to the person. There are many aspects to his personality. No one can understand what is going on in his mind. However, such individuals are susceptible to deceiving others. They can be abrasive at times. Ketu also makes a person a deep thinker. Such people are obsessed with learning everything there is to know about a subject. They are well-versed in esoteric subjects and techniques. Ketu in Scorpio also provides an understanding of occult knowledge to the local people. These people excel in the field of health, especially in operations.

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