People born between January 20 and February 18 are called Aquarius and are ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. They belong to the Air element and due to Ketu in Aquarius, people are blessed with wealth and success in their lives and relationships and have supportive persons as their friends. Due to Ketu in Aquarius, the person also has to face the feeling of detachment, and instability in their life due to being unrealistic, strict, and stubborn can also affect their professional life. It is also advisable to stay away from your boss and keep your working relationship highly professional.

A person with Ketu in Aquarius may also face the possibility of transfer while working and they need to take care of their parents. These individuals are quite lucky in money matters and will find themselves able to earn money from various sources which will help them deal with difficult situations and get embroiled in many controversies and conspiracies. But their life is not always easy as they have to face challenges and live a difficult life.


Aquarius Ketu Compatibility


The ruling planet of Aquarius is also Saturn and both are friends of each other. Saturn is the factor of renunciation from materialism and Ketu is also associated with spiritual liberation. People born with Ketu in Aquarius are quite scholarly and understand the reality of life but despite this knowledge, they struggle to get rid of their desires. Saturn is also related to social service and so is Aquarius. The position of Ketu further increases a person’s inclination towards charitable works. Ketu is an air planet and when it is placed in Aquarius, the person makes unrealistic plans and has unnecessary desires.

This position of Ketu also makes the person suffer from ear-related problems. These people get success late in life. They are very strict and stubborn by nature. It is very difficult to convince them to change against their wishes. These people also inherit health problems from their families. His relationship with his friends and his children does not flourish much. Instability in the income of these people is also possible. Ketu in Aquarius also increases the chances of traveling abroad.


Aquarius Ketu Personality Traits


The personality of planet Ketu in Aquarius people is that these individuals are known to be spiritual and while they are ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus, Saturn is considered to be the planet of separation from material goods and pleasures. These individuals are considered well-educated and well-acquainted with the realities of life, and yet they find themselves struggling to control their desires. Ketu is considered to be a windy planet due to which the person makes unrealistic plans that cannot be followed and even pursues desires that cannot be achieved.

While many people believe that success and wealth come easily to them, only after a long time and after facing many challenges and difficulties in life, they are able to achieve success. People with Ketu in Aquarius are stubborn and once they make up their mind on something, it is extremely difficult to change them. They also face many health problems which are hereditary and they find their relationships with their children strained and are also insecure when it comes to their income.


Ketu in Aquarius Man 


Ketu in Aquarius makes the person highly spiritual. He is very broad-minded. She is very independent by nature. He may like to travel. They may be inclined towards traditional knowledge. They can gain secret knowledge. The presence of Ketu in Aquarius indicates that the person will have many friends. But that person is very lonely at heart. He may be intelligent and well-mannered. He may get a good name, fame, and reputation.

Ketu in Aquarius keeps people busy in dealing with various problems. Strong self-confidence is seen in people with such yoga. Ketu in Aquarius promotes foreign tours and helps in buying one’s own house. It also has some negative effects on the natives. They lack stability in their mind and become indifferent in their outlook. They believe in and follow the moral path. Sometimes he is seen alone and sometimes surrounded by a crowd of people. Such people have the ability to lead large enterprises. They barely have time to satisfy their own needs and work hard to achieve things for others.


Ketu in Aquarius Woman


Ketu in Aquarius indicates that the person may have a nature of accumulating wealth. They have a tendency to accumulate wealth. She may be a bookie. If Ketu is in a good position then the person can earn from lottery, horse riding, stock market, etc. If Ketu is not in a good position in the horoscope then losses may occur due to the above-mentioned matters. They may benefit from religion or spirituality. It is also possible that his means of earning profits may have been derailed. Ketu in Aquarius is a sign that the person’s marital life may be disputed. This can cause mental stress. This cannot be considered good even from the point of view of having a child.

Natives are believers in the moral path who cannot predict the moral path because they lack the ability to understand deeply. Their attitude in life path will be unsatisfactory and their vision and outlook will remain imaginary throughout life. Ketu: People of the Aquarius sign had spent their previous lives in many strange activities. They had little time for their own needs and worked towards completing tasks for others. During this lifetime he had to carry out extensive undertakings. They have the ability to take care of others as well as fulfill their obligations at the right time in their lives. Their mental gentleness is the most notable attraction while self-building and self-confidence are clearly innate and strong. They go to the outer plains and build new houses.


Positive Impact of Ketu in Aquarius


The positive qualities of Ketu in Aquarius people are that they are spiritually liberated individuals, who are highly educated and well-versed with the realities of life. These individuals have very high self-confidence and find themselves struggling with many problems. They are extremely stubborn, especially when they have a goal in front of them and they are sure that they have achieved it and no one can change their mind. These people will also travel abroad and will also help in buying a house. People with Ketu in Aquarius are considered to have a high moral compass and always follow the right path. These individuals are often considered loners who find it difficult to blend in with crowds, but they tend to be natural leaders who are capable of leading large organizations. People with Ketu in Aquarius have little time for themselves and are always focused on helping others and making sure their needs are met.


Negative Impact of Ketu in Aquarius


The negative trait of Ketu in Aquarius people is that these individuals have difficulty in letting go of their lives, especially when their desires are involved. They are stubborn and extremely altruistic, to the extent that they do not even care whether they have the money to support their ventures. These individuals are known to make plans that do not work and they are always chasing desires and things that cannot be achieved. They are very stubborn and stubborn by nature and they get success after a very long time. Ketu in Aquarius makes it difficult to get our point across, especially when they find themselves working to some extent. They are also known to have strained relationships with their friends and children, especially when they find themselves insecure about their finances.




People with Ketu in Aquarius are kind by nature but have stubbornness which often gets them into trouble that they could have avoided and gone their own way.

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