Shrapit defect has special importance in some bad combinations of astrology. The effect of Shrapit Yog shows the influence of a person’s past lives, it is not considered a good sign. It is formed in the horoscope of a person with the union of Saturn and Rahu in one house. Besides, it is also believed that the partial conjunction of Saturn on Rahu has a special effect. This defect can arise from the person’s past wrong actions. The biggest disadvantage of Shrapit Dosh is that it can weaken the good results of positive and auspicious yogas.



Shrapit Yoga And Its Effect On Previous Births



Shrapit means one who is Shrapit due to his wrong deeds in the previous life. Sharapita Dosha is formed when Saturn and Rahu join in the same house. This is a harmful defect which can affect almost everything in the work area of life. No clear reason can be found for the incidents. It also has the power to weaken the positive effects of Mahadashas. This yoga is formed when there is a relationship between Saturn and Rahu, now the question arises of what happens to this yoga formed, then let us tell the results of Shrapit yoga formed in different houses:-



Shrapit Yoga on 1st house



If there is a combination of Shrapit yoga in the ascendant then the effect of tantric activities is more on such a person. A person can face more mental stress in life. A person is always worried and negative thoughts come first in his mind. There is concern about health. Some diseases or others may persist continuously in life.



Shrapit Yoga on 2nd house



If there is a combination of Shrapit yoga in the second house then the people in the person’s house remain his enemies. Not able to get much support from my family. One has to face obstacles at work. Some defects may also arise in speech. There is difficulty in accumulating wealth. Activities like gambling etc. lead to loss of money. The person remains affected by the consumption of intoxicating or toxic substances.



Shrapit Yoga on 3rd house



If there is a combination of Shrapit yoga in the third house then the person may remain confused about his work. He may have more tension with his brothers. There is no younger brother or younger sister who may face some kind of problem. There may be more ups and downs in life. One does not get the proper benefits of hard work. There are more religious trips.



Shrapit Yoga on 4th house



The combination of Shrapit yoga in the fourth house spoils happiness. The fourth house is the house of land, house, mother, and happiness, so in such a situation, one cannot get the benefits here. Mother’s happiness is weak. And negativity comes into their house. Vastu defects also have an impact. People hardly get the happiness of their home. The chances of going away from your home may also remain high.



Shrapit Yoga on 5th house



Due to the combination of Shrapit yoga in the fifth house, there may be more negative emotions in the person’s mind. The intellect is more attracted to wrong things. Thoughts do not last long. Education is also accomplished under difficult circumstances. There may be more delay and pain in attaining the happiness of a child. There may be more problems regarding health also.



Shrapit Yoga on 6th house



Due to the combination of Shrapit yoga in the sixth house, the person can face a lot of enemies. The sixth house is of disease, enemy, and debt. For this reason, these things can affect life. There may be more problems due to diseases etc. You may also be more interested in gambling and betting. There is more wastage of money due to intoxication etc. There is a possibility of weakness in any part of the body due to heart disease, blood-borne disorders, accidents, and disputes.


Shrapit Yoga on 7th house



Marital happiness remains weak when there is a combination of Shrapit yoga in the seventh house. One has to face many difficulties in life regarding relationships. Employment, life partner, love life, married life, friends, partnership, etc. are associated with the seventh house. Due to this defect, a person is likely to get betrayed by his friends and partners. There remains instability in marital matters.



Shrapit Yoga on 8th house



Due to the formation of this defect in the eighth house, a person is not able to enjoy the happiness of his life. Worries are seen more due to past deeds. In-laws, age, death, mysterious works, esoteric knowledge, and happiness of life partner are considered from the eighth house. In this situation, if there is a combination of Shrapit yoga in the eighth house, then there will be discord in marital life. People may have to undergo surgery several times in their life. Such persons also suffer from stomach and urinary disorders.



Shrapit Yoga on 9th house



Due to this defect in the ninth house, the person may behave contrary to religion. There may be continuous ups and downs in luck. There may be some kind of problem with the father or senior person. A person achieves success after a lot of struggle.



Shrapit Yoga on 10th house



Due to the combination of Shrapit yoga in the tenth house, the person faces challenges in his work field. Its effect may cause some reduction in family happiness. Parents may suffer. There are constant ups and downs in business. There are also good chances of gaining wealth.



Shrapit Yoga on 11th house



The eleventh house is also called the profit (Labha) house. This will be a combination that will affect the economic situation here. Ambitions will also be good. The cruel planets in the eleventh house give good results due to which the person may suddenly get some benefits. There may be more concern regarding the happiness of children.



Shrapit Yoga on 12th house



If there is a combination of Shrapit yoga in the twelfth house then the person can live in a foreign country. The person is more likely to have immoral relations. There is some lack in the happiness of the people at home and such people get cheated many times in their life and may suffer from some incurable disease. Financially, the situation of wealth accumulation may remain weak.




According to astrology, people who have Shapit yoga in their horoscope. They have to wish for troubles in life. Also, luck does not favor these people and poverty prevails in their lives.

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