Aquarius Sign – Aquarius Rising Meaning, Appearance, Man and Woman

Eccentric yet original, radical yet innovative, people born in Aquarius Rising are absolutely unique. They will keep reminding you of their unique style, understanding, opinions, and interests. They are intellectual and methodical; They always have good advice. There is an intense curiosity that guides his actions. So the kid you met at the grocery store asking his mom why we have 12 months a year is most likely under the influence of his Aquarius Rising characteristics.

It also reminds us that Aquarius people find science, space, and metaphysics the most interesting subjects. They are about change, growth, and progress. They are humanitarians who are concerned with the upliftment of humanity. These individuals strongly appreciate anything that brings advancement in society, be it a new gadget, scientific research, or experiment.

Most of the time, people born in Aquarius Rising are unusual yet attractive. They are very friendly, polite, and freedom-loving people. They are more practical than emotional. These humanitarian souls consider everyone equal and always stand for ideas supporting equality and justice. However, they sometimes get their thoughts overly invested in fantasy and spiritual realms which keeps them away from reality, possibly having a real impact on them. His unique quality is his strange ability to be kind and compassionate while keeping himself aloof.

Aquarius Rising Meaning

Aquarius Rising people usually have very unique facial features that make them truly unique! However, they are generally known for their high forehead, slow half-smile, and their slightly curious eyes which indicate a cool, calm, and aloof look. They can appear intimidating or unapproachable without even trying. After all, they are ruled by peaceful Saturn. Aquarius Rising people are usually very tall, with a long torso, broad shoulders and hips, and shapely legs. They also have a beautiful bone structure that protects against injuries throughout their life. Due to their unique nature, Aquarius natives can often appear a bit awkward and clumsy, especially in their activities.

People with Aquarius Rising are more concerned about the welfare of others than themselves. They ignore the interests of themselves and their families to benefit society or mankind at large. They have no objection to compromising their personal needs to support a social cause. This tendency to prioritize the social over the personal sometimes creates problems in their relationships. They are often trendsetters, although sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. They usually get strange comments from their friends about what they spend.

Aquarius Rising Appearance

People of Aquarius Rising are often seen to be thin and tall, with a stooped physique. Their face, neck, back, stomach, waist, thighs, and legs may become larger. They have regular and pleasant features, dark and thick hair, and their hairstyle is either cool or unusual. The facial expressions are good with a touch of seriousness. Eyes sparkling with life and looking for anything strange. The entire form gives a feeling of liveliness and originality. His look can be either whimsical or serious. In any case, it’s always amazing.

Physically, the most common characteristic of an Aquarius rising is a high and well-defined forehead. You have a beautifully chiseled face, naturally straight hair, and often dreamy eyes. Your legs are firm and shapely. Aquarius people usually have broad hips and shoulders.

Aquarius Rising Personality

According to Personalized Predictions, the main ruler of Aquarius is the planet Saturn. You have the originality of character, an intelligent mind, and independent thinking. People are drawn to your unconventional beauty and charm. You are intellectual about the ideas, values, and ideals of the world. As an Aquarius, you are likely to have a broad view of society that allows you to get along with a wide variety of people. You understand the value of higher studies and believe in quality, fairness, and good faith.

You are a true humanitarian rising sign, socially responsible and considerate of others. You act in ways that benefit the group. You respond to problems with balanced opinions and solutions. You are attracted to intellectual hobbies like reading, writing, debating, and long discussions. You are also fond of traveling. You are a great listener and also known for your exceptional storytelling abilities.

Aquarius Rising Woman

Aquarius Rising woman has long sexy legs and a perfect slim shapely body. These women do not need to wear makeup to look good. She has been blessed with immense beauty since birth. They are unique beauties with an unconventional fashion style. The Aquarius Rising woman is very alert and cautious. She is attracted to men with whom she gets good and safe experiences. He is a private person. Therefore, she is attracted to men who do not try to keep an eye on her during her me-time.

Aquarius Rising women are very intuitive and fair. His nature is very sweet, true, and honest. However, they are at times private and very confidential. They are independent by nature, love their own space and freedom, and listen to their heart in their career. Aquarius women are very straightforward and frank.

Aquarius Rising Man

Aquarius Rising men can be great artists, writers, painters, poets, and extraordinary storytellers or narrators. They are great listeners and have tremendous confidence in their skills, abilities, or their skilled and talented nature. However, Aquarius men can quickly become restless and stressed over even the smallest things. They are very grounded and practical in life.

A person with Aquarius Rising is usually a fair amount tall. These men have a distinctively chiseled face and a prominently defined forehead. He has strong broad shoulders and a super athletic body. An Aquarius Rising is usually attracted to women with independent thoughts and a slightly eccentric nature. Beauty and simplicity are two qualities he cannot deny. He doesn’t mind if you blabber, as long as he understands what you say. Since an Aquarius man is intelligent, he wants an intelligent partner.

Aquarius Rising Health

According to Health Predictions, Aquarius Rising controls circulation, breathing, and vision; Bones of lower limbs. Often suffer from diseases related to blood and circulation with a tendency to impure blood. Aquarius Rising people are prone to high blood pressure and heart-related problems. Aquarius rules the ankles, circulatory system, cramps, allergies, unexpected illness, and strange accidents. They may also suffer from various nerve disorders.

Aquarius Rising Compatibility

Aquarius Rising has a playful approach to love and romance and looks for variety. You are attracted to people with a lot of class and a good sense of style. You want a relationship based on mutual love, romance, and generosity. You desire a partner who is strong and confident.

If the Leo rising is the easiest to recognize, the Aquarius rising is right there with them. Between their typically large forehead and even larger eyes, Aquarius natives have an almost out-of-this-world appearance. These are also usually eccentric people, which can result in creative style choices or multicolored hair.

Auspicious planet for Aquarius Rising

Venus is the most beneficial planet for people born in Aquarius Rising. Saturn is another suitable planet for this zodiac sign. Sun and Mercury are neutral planets for Aquarius Rising.

Inauspicious planet for Aquarius Rising

Inauspicious planets for Aquarius Rising include Rahu, Ketu, Mars, and Jupiter.


People with the rising sign of Aquarius are independent natives. They like to be original, independent, innovative and always see themselves as a little different. They want to follow what’s going on outside the box. This specialty remains throughout their life. Their ability to observe is also extraordinary. They are good at putting puzzles together, turning small ideas into big plans, and fostering teamwork to achieve goals. They make excellent team leaders. The person with Aquarius Rising has a strange style. Offbeat markets and unique finds often top their shopping lists. This is because they are fundamental in their ways, hence they do not follow mainstream fashion. His attire is as eccentric and diverse as his personality.

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